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Heads Up For Furballs – How having a pet completely transforms our lives

“Having a pet is the best thing that ever happened to me” How many times have you heard this statement? Countless we are sure and if you are a pet owner you exactly know what sentiment this statement holds.   So what is the rocket science behind this? How come these four-legged fluff balls have […]

Get, Set, Cape On! 5 games that will completely enthral you

Summer vacations and a bunch of your close pals hovering over an intense game of monopoly. Do you remember this scene from your childhood? Well, some of us fondly do. That was a time when we took our games quite seriously and waged battles even over scrabble.   Now, where do we stand as adults? […]

One Page At A Time – Why reading something, everyday is imperative for personal growth

No matter who you ask, every bankable source will always encourage you to understand the mammoth potential of books and how critical they are for accelerating personal and cognitive intelligence. Not only do books center your attention, but they also open your mind to possibilities you wouldn’t think otherwise.   Taking out time to read […]

Starting On The Right Note – Why breakfast is the most integral meal of the day

You must have heard this old saying: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. While we are so used to some archaic sayings floating by as a part of lore, we never really give a thought to understanding the wisdom behind such gems. So let us reiterate for […]

Combating The Loneliness Epidemic – How coliving aims to address with concrete solutions

You are in a metropolitan city; crazy work hours; life passing with alacrity; and as you return home late at night, alone in your apartment, you feel a weight in your heart, a pang of loneliness, not having any other person to interact with, have a meaningful conversation with. And before you know it you […]

Made In Heaven – Step-by-step guide to be a ‘model’ roommate

Yes, they do exist! The ideal, non-fussy, shoulder-to-cry-on and mother-in-disguise roommates. No, we aren’t exaggerating. So what if you or anybody you know hasn’t still climbed the pedestal of perfection yet! We are here to help you and your friends in need. Just follow the following absolutely vanilla step-by-step guide to becoming someone’s apple of […]

Swing In The Healthy, Happy & Happening – 5 go-to habits to make this a super reality

How we equate healthy & happy is dynamically changing in modern times. For starters, these terminologies are not divorced anymore and has a new add on- happening. The three verbs swing in cohort with each other to give us each a life we envision and aspire to reach. So, what are the most pragmatic steps […]

Existing In Boundaries – Is it safe for women to live in Gurgaon?

3 minute read   Concerns over security hassles (especially in Gurugram) has always been a PIA for our boss women. They come from across the country to the millennial city to shatter glass ceilings, carve out there niche and be leaders of tomorrow. But isn’t it unfair that in this dynamic vision what possibly cuts […]

The Rise Of The Uber Healthy

How Millennials Are becoming Fitter As Community & Tech Evolves 3 minute read In the absolute recent few years, let’s say the last two, we have seen quite a paradigm shift in how millennials are evolving. Nuclear being the fad is eroding right in front of our eyes and ‘community’ is quite the ‘in thing’! […]

Why Coliving Is The New Future

An analysis of the recurrent downside of traditional rentals in Gurugram 3 minute read Let’s start with quite a simple questionnaire, as a working professional in Gurugram how many times have you struggled with one or more of these following issues regarding your accommodation: hefty brokerage; lock-in periods; really far from workplace; security hassles; no […]